A family of trees

Such a beautiful piece!


Today I went for a walk
And found a family of trees.
A close-knit community,
Generations of energies.

First clan member I met
Was the wise grandmother.
A spirit that had seen it all,
And knew all and shares it.
Knowledgeable, content,
Unruffled and grounded,
Whose energies washes over
Like a gentle bubbling stream.

Next come the teenager
Newest member to the clan
Who wants to see the world
But goes about it all wrong.
Boundless energies, growing,
Overconfident and forestwise.
His energies drill into me
Like music from a rock concert.

The next two members live
Side by side, separated by
A dusty, well walked lane.
But living worlds apart within
The same space in time.
Sisters, different temperaments,
One who never left home
Other travelled without roots .

Younger Sister, the revolutionary
The one who never laid roots
Whose life revolved around
Drinking, shopping and pampering.
Lustrous, sophisticated…

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