Friday recipes!

So, I’m going to try out something a little different on this blog, and every Friday try to post a great new food recipe. I’m trying out loads of new quick and easy vegan food recipes, and will post the best ones up here on a Friday Foodie section! Something a little light-hearted – and please share your recipes too! (Vegan or vegetarian).

Recipe for Jo’s Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers:

Fry off an onion, half a grated carrot and half a red pepper in some oil
Chop into chunks and boil a sweet potato and the other half of the carrot
Heat up a can of kidney beans so that you can mash them
Mash the boiled sweet potato and carrot with the beans
Add the fried onion and carrot
Add as much fresh chopped or dried chili as you like
Add salt and pepper to taste
Add 100g of bread crumbs and about 3/4 cup of flour
Work with hands and make into patties, then pop in fridge for about half hour
Fry up (about 5 mins either side) and serve with salsa, or Jo’s easy quacamole (mash an avocado with some egg-free mayonaise)

Makes about 4 enormous burgers, or six normal size…

Enjoy! x

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