Friday Foodies – Vegan Banana Cake!

This recipe is from the lovely Christine, who like me has recently make the vegan switch. We all enjoyed this lovely cake the other weekend, decorated with a marzipan topping. Divine!

My favourite banana cake recipe:
250 g wholemeal flour
150 g oatflakes
100 g unrefined cane sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder
A little bit of Salt
200 ml coconut oil (raw organic for best taste)
1 apple
3 bananas
150 g blueberries
Blueberry jam
Marzipan (I use vegan ready to roll from Sainsbury)

All ingredients I use are organic, as it tastes better. And the best: it’s Vegan and cruelty-free!

First I put the oatflakes into the food processor and cut them so that they have the consistency of flour, but that is up to you really. If you like whole oatflakes in your cake then using them so is fine. Put that into a bowl. Add the flour the sugar, the baking powder and the salt and mix it up.

Coconut has a solid consistency when it’s cold, so you have to heat it up a little bit to make it liquid. Mix it with the already mixed up ingredients until all has been soaked with the oil. You could also put in the oil at last but having tried that already the cake seems to be more oily and that’s not happening when you put in the oil before adding the fruits.
Oh, and you could also use sunflower oil instead, as it’s much cheaper, but the taste will be very different.

At this stage I pre-heat the oven (200 celcius).

Then I put the apple into the food processor and cut it really small and then I add the bananas and that should make a nice smooth fruit mash. Together they should be around 400 g. Add these to the other ingredients into the bowl.

The cake form needs to be “oiled and floured” in order to prevent the cake to stick to it when taking it out. I use coconut oil and the wholemeal flour for this as well, again for best taste results.

Put the mix into the cake form. After that I put the blueberries in and push them under so that they are not visible. This will let the blueberries stay in the cake rather then having them at the top or bottom of it.

Baking time is 40 minutes only (if you make muffins, which I tried too and it works well, then max. 30 minutes at 175 celcius). Actually 175 works as well for the cake, but you’ll have to leave it in a bit longer (have tried that as well and yes, I have done this cake a lot of times by now). The baking time also depends on the form you are using. I use one with a whole in the middle which reduces the time as the heat comes also from the middle of the cake.

Prepare this cake a day before you want to eat it for best taste results. If you will eat it the same day it will feel very dry.

I let the cake cool down completely.

The next day I put blueberry jam on top and at the sides to make the roll out marzipan stick to the cake. Roll out the marzipan, put it on the cake and push it down a little so that it sticks to the cake.

Add some icing sugar if you want for decoration (or whatever comes into your mind).

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