Foodie Fridays – Mushroom Pâté

Here’s a recipe that I came up with for a raw vegan spread that is absolutely delicious.

Take a large handful of whatever mushroom you love. Chuck it in a bowl.

Take a large handful of sundried tomatoes. Chuck ’em in too.

Add around two teaspoons of capers.

Throw in some olives if you like olives.

Add a clove or two of garlic.

Whizz with a handblender until smooth.

Add salt and pepper to taste.  A little mushroom ketchup adds a dash of awesomeness.

You can use up any old veg that you have lying in the bottom drawer in this way, padding out the recipe above and making it go further. Courgettes are good, as are aubergines.  Total time to make – under 5 mins from start to finish. Serve on toast, oak cakes, or with raw veggies.


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