Reblog: Positive Thinking by Theo Wildcroft

An excellent blog post about positive thinking from Theo:

Any system of thought has its traps for the unwary. The biggest one of all is the safe and superior knowledge of how everyone else is going wrong, without turning that critical awareness inwards. Absolute truth and simple answers are as prayers from human hearts weary of the random cruelty and infinite complexity of life. We live on a ball of semi-molten rock hurtling through space at the mercy of forces well beyond our comprehension, let alone our control. We are, even as a planet, never mind as individual beings, tiny sparks lost in infinite space and darkness. Yet we are each able to believe fervently in our own significance. This is a miracle and a wonder. Terry Pratchett once wrote that the Tooth Fairy and other mythical beings we believe in as children are the little lies that train us to believe in the big lies of mercy, justice, love – and in our belief, we make them so. We birth them into a universe of cold reason and unfeeling force, and that is our gift….

To read the full blog post, click HERE

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