Thich Nhat Hanh on No Self

Meditating upon this for a couple of years now, I was absolutely delighted to come across this little question and answer session with Thay back in 2010.  His thoughts on ancestors, on no self and awareness were exactly the same as my own, and resonate deeply within my soul.

Whoever I am.

2 thoughts on “Thich Nhat Hanh on No Self

  1. This idea of “no self”.. it is very intriguing, an interesting exercise for my mind, but I can’t say that it fully resonates with my current experience of the world. (paraphrased) “Just because it is raining does not mean there is a ‘rainer’ ” does make sense to me, and I will admit to feeling a small satisfaction in yet another view that contradicts poor philosophy whipping boy Descartes “I think, therefor I am”, but the idea of ‘no self’ just doesn’t gel with me.. yet. Maybe with some more life experience it will.

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