3 thoughts on “Dance Walking

  1. That looks bloomin cool. I’m one for exercise and the benefits thereof. I like running and must confess I get a natural high from running outside in the elements, particularly the rain. If I can get fit enough, and it is a long haul to get fit because I have been reading the SAS guide to fitness. But if I can achieve such I would wish to participate in cross country running, over hill and down dale, through waist high streams and mud. That would be exhilirating. I think exercise encourages a heightened sense of perception, it could just be the release of chemicals in the brain.

  2. Thanking you. Connection to nature is very important and on the whole we have lost that I feel. I have recently adopted a turtle, one which had been passed around a group of teenage friends for seven years because no-one realised the care and attention that he needed. I’ve upgraded his tank but it is still not enough and I am researching the animal because I know nothing about them. But apparently they have full colour vision, and good hearing and can sense with their claws and the shell has feeling. They are amphibians so like to walk and climb as well as swim. So here Terry is in my living room in a glass prison, devoid of freedom and it makes me want to cry. I will do my best to try and create his natural life for him, but all this has to stop. Our dominion as a species. He needs the elements and the freedom to be a turtle.

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