Welcome, Autumn

Autumn – thanks be to all the gods that it is here.  I don’t usually write very personal posts, but at this time of year a little introspection seems appropriate.

After a physically and emotionally exhausting summer, the cool autumn days are a welcome relief.  Time to step out of the burning light and into the gentler, calmer times.  Having worked hard all summer, it is now time to reap the rewards, in the hopes of a successful harvest.  With the autumn equinox on the 22nd, that special time of balance, where everything hovers with hushed breath as the season turns towards the dark half of the year – it is these changing times that are the most powerful for me.  I stand, on the edge, waiting to either jump, topple over or be pushed into change…

It is a time for coming back to “place” – which for me is home, my environment.  Having spent the summer going all over this country and others, visiting friends and family, going to events, festivals, etc, the return to home where I can simply sit and enjoy the walls around me, or my garden and the beech tree outside, or the heathland and deer, the rocky shingle beach on the east coast – these things become all the more important.  I now have time.  I can see it stretching out lazily in front of me – not to be taken for granted, but to be enjoyed in silence, time to heal, to return.  After a couple of health scares, a physically demanding summer and emotional turmoil, autumn reaches out a hand and urges me to lie on the cool grass and watch as the leaves fall gently around me, a fresh north wind breeze upon my skin as the clouds drift with dignity in a bright blue sky.

I look forward to buying a fresh supply of firewood for the winter this weekend, to enjoy long, dark evenings in with my husband and cats, or in the simple pleasure of my own company in the silence that the coming winter brings.  I look forward to spending more time with my husband, whom I’ve barely seen this summer – I look forward to falling in love with him all over again.  Baking apple crisp and bread, muffins and cookies, having time to make proper home-cooked meals, brewing my own port and mead.  Getting to know my garden again.

Welcome autumn.  It is time to rest now.  Time to close my eyes, and dream it all up again.

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Autumn

  1. I can’t begin to describe how huge a smile gets brought to my face when reading what others have written about welcoming Autumn! I wish you all the lazy contentment you can dream of, along with healing and pleasant introspection.

  2. Beautiful post, J. Sorry it’s taken me so long to read it, but today’s the first day I’ve taken five minutes to look up and watch the world for about a month, not counting being out in a field for a weekend. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what this autumn brings. It’s been a busy year; but hopefully a rewarding one!

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