New book contract accepted!

My wonderful publishers, Moon Books ( have offered me a fabulous contract to write a pagan fiction novel, and I have accepted! I am so excited about this – it has been over five years since I have written any fiction, and this is a subject that is near and dear to me.

This book will be co-authored by a very close friend of mine, Rev Martin Amy. We will be taking a new twist on a old story, and retelling the tale of Nimue and Merlin, with the working title of The Isle of Apples.

Here’s a little taster…

If you follow the path down the hill, through the village, and into the rocky fields outside the walls, eventually you will find you way into a small grove of rowan trees. In the centre of this rough circle is a single ancient oak, its boughs bent and twisted, the entire trunk seemingly warped by the ages. It is a unique place, silent even during the heaviest storms. There are never any birds there, or any mice, or even insects, nothing but the trees, and the breeze. If you listen carefully, the locals say, there are voices on the wind, tenuous but there, flitting around the edges of your hearing. They say that there are two voices; one an old and powerful male, the other a gentle but strident young female. They speak in an ancient language, words that no-one but the trees can understand.

My name is Merlin. In my time, I was the greatest wizard of them all. I still am. There has never been another with even a fraction of my skills. I floated great stones across the water and set them up on the plain at Salisbury for my own amusement. I took a whelp of a man and turned him into a great king. My name was cheered, and feared, in equal amounts. I, though just a man, had the powers that even the gods desired.

Many have told my story, with their own agendas, their own takes on my supposed fall. Not one of them has been correct, for they all made the same mistake. They believe that I, somehow, failed. Could one as great as I be tricked by a simple woman? This, then is my story, told on the winds, to anyone who wishes to listen.


Deep in the heart of Avalon is where you will find the old stories, still told to those who would listen. Some of those stories are of great, heroic deeds, others of trials and tribulations and yes, even failures. Sometimes these make the best stories of all.

I am Nimue, the Lady of Avalon, sometimes called The Lady of the Lake. I hold the power of the Old Ones deep within my heart, in sacred keeping for Albion until it is needed once more. Many have come to this isle in pilgrimage, seeking the Old Ones and the Old Ways, and it is my duty to guide their hearts, minds and spirits towards the sacred truths. Some take the wisdom back into the wider world for the benefit of all, and they go with our blessing. Some do not, instead seeking only to increase their own power. For those people the Old Ones show no mercy, and what is done to them is the Law of Threefold.

Here you will find the truth of one such a man. A great man, a knowledgeable man, a man of powerful skill and cunning. He was a man that I once loved with all my heart. Come, gather around and listen to the tale ā€“ the stars are shining bright tonight, and the Old Ones are all around us.

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