Things we learn…

Some people are simply vile. It is hard to find compassion for these people – pity comes easily, but compassion is much more difficult. Thankfully, there are people in life who carry with them such love and joy that they are an inspiration to all – my husband, my family and my wonderful friends. They are the reason, the steadying influence, my True North to guide me.

When you fall, you can either in anger and hate take everything and everyone down with you, or you can simply fall, pick yourself up again and simply be the best person you can be, inspired by the beauty of the world. When someone is full of hate and anger, like a wounded wild animal they may bite and snap and reject all offers of help, love and compassion. So we wait, from a safe distance, until either that self-same anger self-destructs, taking the soul with it, or abates, and reaches out towards us where we can help.

This is what I have discovered, through the inspiration of this world around us. It is about simply being the best person you can be – not better than anyone else, but the best you yourself can be at any given time. We all go through it. Life is pretty amazing, all things considered. Big love to you all.

5 thoughts on “Things we learn…

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with such ugliness—I know it well. There is so much light and beauty out there, but cruelty and bitterness can overshadow it at times.
    I just hope you know how much your words are appreciated, and how inspiring you are.

    Light and joy to you.

    • Hi Lana – thank you for your kind words. There can be a lot of cruelty in the world, but the overall beauty of this world can never be overshadowed! Blessings to you. xox

  2. My 7 year old son is my grounding LOL. The other day when I was raging mad about someone like the people you describe, he looked at me and told me he wished them happiness and love. Set me back a bit and taught me a lesson.

    No-one I believe is ever better than anyone else. Some just respond better to what they are dealt.

    • Och – often the wisest words are from those who haven’t closed themselves off, the young ones with old souls! That’s such a beautiful thing for him to say – big love to him and the family! x

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