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Philip Carr-Gomm’s review of my latest book, Zen Druidry – many thanks Philip! x

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978-1-78099-390-4 Zen druidry cov:Layout 1.qxdZEN DRUIDRY – WAKING TO THE NATURAL WORLD by JOANNA VAN DER HOEVEN: A REVIEW

The sign of a mature, cultured person is that they can mix well in a wide variety of social settings and can contribute to, and benefit from, interactions with many different kinds of people. So it is, one might say, with religion and spirituality, and by this criterion Druidry is a very mature and sophisticated path indeed. In the 18th & 19th centuries, Druid Revivalists found concordance with Christianity, and in the 1970s the Reformed Druids of North America experimented with combining Judaism and Zen Buddhism with their path. I don’t know how whether the Judaism combination survived, but the combination of Zen with Druidry struck a chord, and 33 years later the RDNA grove in Seattle is still going strong, forming a branch known as the ZDNA – the Zen Druids of North America…

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2 thoughts on “Zen Druidry

  1. I was recently having a conversation with a friend and expressed frustration of how to define the spiritual path that I feel calling to me. I’d say it’s one part Pagan, one part Buddhist, one part Taoist, and one part totally confused. 🙂

    Anyway, he pointed me towards your blog and your book and I’m so excited to read both. I immediately bought your book for my Kindle. (Thank you for making a digital version available!)

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