Today is my birthday

Today I am 39.

Today, the badger cull has started in parts of the country.

Today, it is sunny outside, not a cloud in the sky.

Today, we find out from the microbiologist about my mother’s leg.

Today my husband and I go out for dinner.

Today, I will have to deal with the mess from my cat’s bacterial stomach infection.

Today, I will meditate and pray.

Today, I will bake a cake.

Today, I will do laundry.

Today, we will have a fire outside in the evening.

Today, I will read a friend’s book.

Today, I will wander the heath.

Today, I will weep at humanity’s foolishness.

Today, it is one more year until 40.

4 thoughts on “Today is my birthday

  1. Congratulations on your birthday … with every day comes change, and change does not make us older, it makes us newer. Let 40 come (I say this knowing it will come for me in just a few months) 🙂

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