Review: Elen of the Ways and The Celtic Chakras

Below are my two reviews for Elen of the Ways, and The Celtic Chakras, both by Elen Sentier, a fellow author with Moon Books.  You can pick up a copy of these books from either the Moon Books website,, or from Amazon.

elen of the ways

Elen Sentier’s Elen of the Ways is a book full of information on this elusive antlered goddess.  She provides us with background and history as well as practical exercises to journey to meet with Her, showing us this native deity in all Her glory.  It deepens our connection to the land, and allows us to know our wilder selves, oftentimes hidden deep within.  It breaks down the perceived boundaries between the worlds, and brings you up close and personal with this goddess of the boreal forest.  She is Within and She is Without – take your first steps upon the path to meeting Her, follow Her trods, the forest beckons…

Elen Sentier’s Celtic Chakras intrigued me – I have worked with the Eastern tradition of chakras for many years, and seeing this interpretation of the concept was refreshing and interesting.  I really liked the spiral concept of chakra energy, radiating from the heart centre that reflects the spiral so common a Celtic motif.  It also reflected some of the Tantric teachings of flow, how it moves up and through and then back and down, as opposed to movement from the base chakra to the crown only.  As a Pagan Portals book from Moon Books, it is a good, short introduction to the Celtic Chakras, which can be further explored on one’s own. I look forward to Sentier’s other works!

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