Great Reviews for Zen Druidry!

Great reviews still coming in for Zen Druidry – you can still pick up a Kindle copy for only £1.23, or a paperback version from other sellers on Amazon for only £1.03! In North America, Kindle versions are only $1.97, and paperbacks start from $3.20 – a great deal…

Zen Druidry

zen druidry low res

3 thoughts on “Great Reviews for Zen Druidry!

  1. I am halfway through this book and it has sooooo much information. Not a scary amount though. It is well organized and very thought out. I LOVE this book. I bought the kindle version but going to buy the paperback once I move to my new place. (I use kindle to try out books I might buy). This is definitely one to have that I am going to come back to. Love it! Thanks! 😀

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