Ah – midsummer. I remember when I first moved to these isles over 16 years ago from Canada – it was a cold and wet summer, and I wondered just what on earth I had done. And yet, the light fascinated me at that time of year, and later at the winter solstice, the darkness. It was so much more than where I grew up – the twilight of midsummer and the barest space of total darkness, the unrelenting darkness that forces you to face it head on in winter. The difference in latitude was a great teacher – (Montreal, 45.5N, London 51.5N).

The current is running strong in the British Isles right now. As I go to my outdoor altar every evening, laying my hands upon the soft, mossy earth I feel the white dragon that has risen to the surface and is dancing in the ethereal currents of energy crisscrossing the land. It is a time of great joy, of celebration.

This is a time of year to be proud of what you have done so far in the year’s cycle. But beware – the carpet can be pulled from underneath you, and the harvest may not quite be as expected. For this brief moment, however, we can perform this wonderful balancing act, in a liminal time before the tide tips over and we tumble headlong with it. It is important to be proud of what you have achieved – it is too easily done to become prideful.

Stand and feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the serpent energy rising, the dragons of these lands, filling your soul with this time of year. Reflect on your achievements, and state them aloud under the eye of the sun. Confirm for yourself the good that you have done for the world, for your family, your community, for yourself. Let the sun’s rays witness this confirmation.

On Saturday I will be reflecting on the good investment of my solar panels – this time of year it is especially rewarding to know that the longer daylight hours are helping others in the village, ie. local businesses. I will take a bow for the two books published (and doing well), and the third and fourth on their way. I will applaud the money that has been raised for various charities through a lot of hard work in fundraising, events and suchlike over the course of the year. For this brief moment, I will take pleasure in my achievements, and remind myself that this is why I do the work I do, and live the life that I live. I will remember this moment in the darker times, to guide me through them and out the other side.

And then I will immerse myself once again, into the landscape, losing that sense of self and becoming a part of it, letting it guide me, teach me, blend with my blood and my bones with the whispers of the ancestors blessing it all.

4 thoughts on “Midsummer

  1. Thank you for a way to look at the Summer Solstice, and a way to keep it that doesn’t need others to manifest an honouring when the year turns in its course from blazing light back to encompassing darkness.

  2. Wonderful post, just saw this! – (and btw, Montreal (and Canada) are also lovely!) I know exactly what you mean by moving ‘across the Great Pond’ and sensing the changes in the angle(s) of the light, and so on… my journey happened to be from northern Calif., to Scotland (‘lol!’ with only ‘one hour’ of darkness on the Solstice!) to central England, after my marriage, some 14 yrs ago. I do much the same these summer mornings, going out to the outside altar and also a small local grove of trees, when I can, when it ‘calls’, so to speak.. sometimes, with flute in tow. Interesting you mention honouring achievements, that is often quite hard for many women, and, like many, I also look forward to your other books as well. This Solstice can also be conceived as an alchemical merging of honouring both the light and the dark, deeply cherishing and re-affirming that ‘nexus point’ of balance, further re-connecting with the earth and the great Flow of light at this time…..and also, at dawn, am hoping to play some flute music, then going w/a couple of visiting friends over to the White Horse and Wayland’s Smithy, etc. Being open to the new, and acknowledging the gifts of the old, celebrating healing for all and sending hope / light for the world at large, too. May the music, light, joy, and higher Love of this powerful time bless you/yours this Solstice! /|\

    • And to you! Thank you for your lovely words, and for sharing your experiences! I’d love to visit Scotland at this time of year – maybe next year! Every time I visit it, I leave a piece of my heart behind in that wonderful part of the world… x

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