10 more things you probably didn’t know about the Zen Druidry Lady

  1. I have blurry vision – I cannot see vertical lines very well. If I know you, and walk past you at an event or gathering, I’m not snubbing you – I can’t see you! (I forget my glasses all the time…)
  2. I went back to university in my early 30’s to get my degree.
  3. I have an innate good sense of direction.
  4. I have an overactive inner barometer – I am very susceptible to air pressure changes and often get headaches from a vast change in the weather.
  5. Since 1998, in the UK, I have lived in Cambridge, Norwich, Loddon, Northampton, Mumbles, Ipswich and now a rural village on the Suffolk Coast.
  6. I have sacrificed three rings to the North River in Quebec in my lifetime.
  7. Teaching runs in my family – my mother and aunt were teachers, and my brother and sister are also teachers.
  8. The taste of brussel sprouts makes me gag.
  9. I have been in love with David Bowie for 27 years and counting.
  10. Autumn is my favourite season.

2 thoughts on “10 more things you probably didn’t know about the Zen Druidry Lady

  1. Well, Jo, we have three things in common here . . . I too did university in my 30’s, and into my 40’s, eight straight years and three degrees. I too have the internal barometer that is highly sensitive to changes in air pressure, but I also have the added bit of my nose hurts, where I ran into a large stick in the middle of the night set diagonallly in our hall across in the line of navigation the when we lived in Orkney, when the weather is changing. Finally, autumn is my favourite season, just squeaking out winter.

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