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Since last February I have been working with others on a book about contemplative Druidry. It has now been published and it is available on and in paperback and on Kindle.

‘Contemplative Druidry: People Practice and Potential’ was written to show that contemplative approaches are growing in modern Druidry, and to look at ways in which they might be fostered. Practices discussed include solo and group meditation, contemplation in natural settings and contemplative arts.

In my approach to this project, I decided to take a snapshot of contemplative Druidry in a particular place and time. The place is England, with a particular (though not exclusive) focus on a Druid contemplative group meeting in Gloucestershire. The time is March-July 2014, where 15 Druids responded to a questionnaire either through face-to-face interviews or in writing.

The questionnaire was designed to let respondents talk freely about their understanding of ‘contemplative Druidry’…

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  1. Yes, very good indeed! Kindled it yesterday. Approach is a little similar to Mark Townsend’s Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, in that a number of people create most 0f the text of the book, by interview or written replies to questions. A more democratic approach, facilitated by an author, but not solely her/his work or opinion.

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