The challenge of the ancestors…

I’ve had some hard teachers in my life. Teachers who challenged me on every level, whose words inspired me to look deep into my soul, my habits and behaviour, my relationship with the world. Accepting a challenge is a very difficult thing to do. We have to be willing to take on that challenge, otherwise when it seems that the challenge is thrown upon us we can react defensively, our barriers instantly put up, walls to surround ourselves with.
I give my utmost thanks to my teachers who have inspired and challenged me in every part of my life. Even when I did not agree with their words, I saw the intention behind them, to wake myself up and be in the world, aware of my story and the stories of others. To these ancestors of tradition, know that you are honoured.

2 thoughts on “The challenge of the ancestors…

  1. It seems that we are hardwired to be reactionary. Anyone telling us what to do, or giving unsought advice, seem to instantly trigger our inbuilt barriers. A good teacher, lets us think that we have ‘discovered’ the way ourselves!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are inspiring! 🙂

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