I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to the influx of new followers that I’ve had on this site in the last week or so – hello!

Today’s post I would like to hand it over to you, readers old and new, to hear some of your stories.  So, what brought you here, what is your passion and inspiration, what is the story of your path? Please comment below!

Blessings to you all, and may we walk together for however long a time down the forest path.


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for the welcome. I’m not sure how I found your book, but the connection to Moon Books came from being friends with fellow writer, Hearth Moon Rising, who also is a Moon Books Author. I started reading Moon Books blog and when I found Dancing with Nemontona and purchased it, it was a bingo kind of moment for me. After having spent six years of daily woods rambling I was somewhere and somewhat different than when I started and feeling all these feelings of holiness and reverence. I am a card carrying Pantheist and have been for some time. I’ve also been familiar with Witchcraft, Wicca and Shamanism since I was a teen. I can follow the concepts but I can not follow rituals except my own. When I read your book, it was to me that you were describing what I was feeling. I decided to check you out and found the blog also the great piece you authored at the Druid Network, Beginning with Honour. I’m now reading Cat Treadwells, a druids tale, which is a different type of book but I’m enjoying its honesty and feel comfortable with her and her path. I feel,she’s taken me under her wing ( cloak ) so to speak. I just purchased Nimue Browns, Spirituality without structure, which I think will be a good fit for me. I am a skeptic and a cynic and I feel lots of people must feel as overwhelmed as there is so much information out there that it’s almost scary. If I could, and I can’t, vocalize what I feel, I knew what was in your book was your truth because I was experiencing it too but in my own similar way. I hope I’m making sence as I am not a writer. I am very eager to read your new book, The Awen Alone. I had not heard of Nemetona before, but I knew her, she overwhelms me all the time and could only speak thanks to her. So, I’m learning and enjoying deepening my connection to Nemotonia and also connected with you authors as I really trust you and that’s important to me. I’m on a continuous exploration, don’t really know where to turn next. On my own, without (spiritual ) guidance I had created a grove in the woods, very close to my house and its a lovely place I frequent. This is why I like druidry as I feel a freedom to explore and create at will. I know every little hollow in the woods around here where I walk for introspection and little mountain tops for a little extrospection looking down upon the village and other mountains. I am friends with the woods, the trees, the birds, the toads, the chipmunks I meet. I run the deer trails and am very privileged to have found all I have discovered. I also live very consciously and that too is a huge part of my path. Anyhow, I’m proud to have found my way here to,be with like minded persons even if miles away.

    • Hi HM! Your words resonate with me as well. It’s so good to have a place that you know intimately, that feels a part of you and in the forest that I where I feel most at home. Cat’s book is brilliant – I’m sure you will enjoy it very much! And blessings of sanctuary to you as we walk together! x

  2. I thought I add this, as it explains me a bit. For example, of course, they started building homes on a mountain that I frequent. She has huge cliffs on the East side and one day I see a glint of steel. I discover it’s a rock climbing peg, nearly broke my heart as some of my best friends the Ravens nest on the dead trees up on top. So, I build a circle out of stones, small stones, create images of Ravens out of stones in the circle, and set out my prayers for all the Ravens and call for help for all the wild and the mountain herself dreading it would be run over. so,far it’s worked. This is who I am. I think that explains how I knew I was home when I got here. I have lots of little antidotes like that, that most people would think I’m out of my mind but it’s what has come out of my experiences being a woods walker.

  3. I’ve been pagan for going on twenty years, but lately I’ve been looking for something more specific, something that would help me grow in my practice. I asked for help, and it was suggested to me (by the quiet voice in the back of my head that somehow seems to know more than I do) that I look into the Druid path. In researching, I came upon the concept of awen. That’s how I came upon your blog, which has been so illuminating and inspiring (on the topic of awen and much more).

    Thank you for this work. I think it’s helped direct me to my new path.

  4. Hi Joanna! Thank you for the invitation. I am new to druidry and am still finding my way. In some ways it is like finding my way back to the path I was on instinctively from childhood through my teenage years, before I left it to pursue a life in the World. Now I find myself stretching old muscles, relearning how to see the world, and rediscovering old friends in the plants and animals around me. I think I am on the right track: I recently moved into a new house, and on the night after my first in-depth exploration of the back yard, the spirit of the place met me in a dream. We have not worked together yet, but I do experience that spirit every time I am out in the yard. I like to think it has welcomed me back. I first came upon your blog after seeing a comment you made on another blog (I have read so many that I forget which one!). I just purchased a copy of Dancing with Nemetona and can’t wait to read it! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

    • Hi Clinton – nice to have you here! What a beautiful thing to have experienced. Getting to know the spirits of place in your home environment is so very important, as it is so much a part of your life. Many blessings on your new journey! x

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