6 thoughts on “Re-enchanted…

      • That’s why pictures speak for themselves, :o) . I’m a photographer, although not professionally. You have the gift of writing, I wish I had that gift, but I don’t. You’re able to verbalize what I’m not able to, and that’s the blessing of Awen! What I see behind the lens is mine. It’s ok though to not have the words when the photo says it all. Brightest Blessings!

  1. This post has been going round in my mind ever since reading it this morning. When I was younger I lived in a farmhouse whose top fields looked directly across to Kinder Downfall (the last of your pictures??) and the Peak District has always been a special place for me. One of the amazing things about it, for me, is that you can walk in an afternoon from the gritstone of the Dark Peak to the limestone of the White Peak and everything around you changes – the whole feel of the landscape is different, not just the topography and flora. I think that’s true of much of Britain, we’re only a little place but we pack a lot of different landscapes into that small space, making each place so different and so special.

    [I don’t know if it’s against blog etiquette to suggest a piece of music but, although I believe it was written following a walking trip along the Honister Pass (in the Lake District), the song “Where Ravens Feed” captures both the feeling of places like the Dark Peak and the reason why I need to get out to places like it occasionally. (Dartmoor and Exmoor are my current “wildernesses”.) It was written by Graham Miles, and Martyn Wyndham Read always does a good job of singing it. The recording on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKKJzzChzRQ) is not a very good one but if you ever get a chance to hear a proper recording or, better still, a live performance, it can really transport you there.]

    • Brilliant! We were at Froggatt Edge for those clifftop photos, and stayed at a B&B at Monsal Head, the first photo. It never ceases to amaze me how many landscapes these tiny islands have, how many secrets they reveal, how many wonders they offer to enchant the heart and soul. 🙂

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