White Spring, Glastonbury

My friends and I spent the Spring Equinox in Glastonbury, visiting the sacred sites and reawakening our senses, honouring our goddesses through pilgrimage, laughter, food, meditation and more.  I love going to Glastonbury, and especially the White Spring, where Brighid make her third and most insistent call to me to follow her down paths of healing and service, using fire and water, inspiration and creativity.

We booked some private ritual time at the “temple” (an old Victorian pumphouse that has been converted into a place of beauty honouring the White Spring) and those of us who were able got into the water – a very cold 10 – 11 degrees Celsius!  I adore this place, and the time I get to spend there.

Brighid’s blessings to you all.

White Spring 1 (6) White Spring 2

6 thoughts on “White Spring, Glastonbury

  1. It is so beautiful, peaceful, calming and healing in the waters. although I live in Glastonbury I don’t go there often enough. x

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