Brittany – Megalithicomania!

So, so many ancient and sacred sites. So much lush and wondrous forest, and stunning coastline.  So much good food and drink.  If you ever have the chance to visit France, go to Brittany!

P1070400 (1024x768) P1070414 (1024x941) P1070423 (1024x768) P1070443 (1024x768) P1070457 (768x1024) P1070463 (1024x768) P1070473 (1024x768) P1070476 (1024x768) P1070493 (1024x768) P1070497 (768x1024) P1070499 (1024x768) P1070500 (1024x579) P1070510 (1024x768) P1070519 (1024x768) P1070526 (1024x768) P1070538 (1024x768) P1070550 (1024x529) P1070558 (1024x768) P1070562 (1024x768) P1070574 (1024x768) P1070594 (1024x768) P1070618 (768x1024) P1070623 (1024x768)


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