The Paleo Diet, what and why?

An excellent and thoughtful post on the Paleo diet, the matter of choice, environmental concerns and being healthy (in a very personal sense, not as a broad generalisation of what “healthy” means)…

The Pagan Paleo

(with thanks to the lovely Jo Vanderhoeven for the prompt)

I suppose I should start fairly early on by describing what I am doing and why. Why am I interested in a Paleo diet, particularly as someone who is not a meat eater and what is it anyway? Let me first start with the what and then I’ll talk about the why although the two are sort of interconnected. Mostly the why for me focuses on just wanting be as healthy and as well as I can be, and a search for authentic, sustainable food in a modern world. And to be able to run to the best of my ability and my old way of life was just not cutting that!

Firstly my understanding is that there are as many ways to eat a Paleo diet as there are people who eat it and quick trawl of the internet…

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