“If everyone did this walk, imagine how things would be!”

Follow Carrie and Chris’ adventures of living low-impact, close to the earth and water, the sky inspiring them and the spark of awen showing them the way…

Our 'Every Last Penny'

Sitting here at my laptop, thick socks warming my cold feet and several layers of woollen clothes lining my body, I wonder how it would be to be out there walking freely again? Would my skin startle at the damp chill in the evening air as it does now, or would it instead embrace the refreshing coolness of the changing season – like water to the parched man’s throat? It is so much easier to appreciate the beauty of autumn from a place of comfort; a thick jumper can take the edge from a blowing wind, a house key in the pocket can offer reassurance of sanctuary from darkening nights, a pair of wellies can make the sodden earth nothing more than a softer step beneath our feet. The truth be told, it’s hard to forget this reality having lived so humbly amongst the elements or indeed, to then return to life’s conveniences with a welcoming heart.

Three months have now passed since we…

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