Interview With Emma Restall Orr

Lovely interview with Emma Restall Orr here! Thank you 🙂

anima monday

This week we offer you an interview with Emma Restall Orr.

Photo from Emma’s homepage

This former druid joint chief has been one of the leading forces behind the promotion of animism for decades. Her book The Wakeful World is a highly recommended introduction to animism, that also offers a strong philosophical foundation for this way of looking at the world. (Beware – if you are not a convert already, this book might do just that … as it did for me).

What she shows through her work though, is that animism is much more than a philosophy, but rather a way of life, something which she has most definitely put into practice herself. Evidence of that is her current project, Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground. In this interview she speaks of this project, the connection to our ancestors, and the land that is an inspiration behind it…

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2 thoughts on “Interview With Emma Restall Orr

  1. Beautiful interview; reading it, I could hear Bobcat’s voice clearly. She was Joint Chief of BDO when I started my Druidic journey, and she and Philip performed my Rite of Elderhood at Danebury Ring in the late 90s.

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