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I apologise for the delay in getting some blog posts up these past few weeks; I had planned to write something this week but then have been laid up with illness until today. I will have something for next week, everything crossed! Hope that you all are doing well, and happy bank holiday weekend for all you UK peeps!

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4 thoughts on “Blog posts on the way…

  1. I understand. I too cannot give a lot of my time to my Druidry right now. Illness, old age and trying to move house 260 miles are draining my energies and stealing my time. Just getting up in the morning is a Big Effort. The BDO is my main Order, although I was an OBODy for a few years. Always meant to join TDN, but not gotten around to it.

    • Hi Jill – hope that you’ll be feeling better soon. My Druidry and my spiritual path is my life, in everything that I do. Look for the Druidry in everyday things, even if it’s just washing your face in the morning. You’ll find it, you cannot escape it, for it’s nature, and nature is everywhere 🙂

      • Thank you, I can do the small stuff, but I really miss getting out to rituals and Moots, now I cannot drive, or dance.
        I think I am just bogged down in the hassle of clearing the old house, packing and finding places to store stuff.
        I have booked a Storage Unit locally, My son is (hopefully) recruiting his best friend to get stuff to it as he has a HGV licence.
        Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid problems cause pain and exhaustion, which stops me doing much each day. I’m also only partially sighted now, hence why I can’t drive.
        I can’t wait to get back to Wales, where my heart feels at home.

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