3 thoughts on “Deer rut, 2019

  1. Hi Jo, I’d love to know where you saw these magnificent creatures as I’ve always wanted to capture a photograph for myself.
    Take the very best care of yourself and thank you for your constant uploads I truly appreciate every one of them.
    Regards Chris

      • Hi Jo, I to live in Suffolk n/w near to asda and the A14.
        I love driving out to our magnificent woodlands and heaths there is so much magic here.
        I see the stags and deer but they always seem to watch me from a safe distance hidden amongst trees.
        I do tell them I am no threat and to reveal themselves to me but they are always so weary of my presence it makes me sad.
        I will carry on in solitary along my path and enjoy all the majesty of our woodlands and hope that at sometime they will accept me as a friend and allow me to come closer.
        Warmth, love and peace Chris.

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