Medical Issues and more…

Apologies for the gaps in posting these last few weeks! I’ve been to and fro from the doctor’s surgery, clinics and the hospital. I’ve got uterine fibroids and a big ovarian cyst (all benign) and am now awaiting and MRI and then an appointment to have the cyst removed. Looking forward to the surgery, it will be such a relief!

Trigger warning for the following…

I’ve also had to deal with the police, as a man indecently exposed himself (and worse) in my back garden last Monday (a local chap who’s been helping me with the garden these last three years, for crying out loud). Statements from the police have been taken, and we’ll see where we go from there. The garden’s energy has been cleansed, and it is well-warded now. It feels better than it has for months.

So, postings may be a bit “here and there” until everything has been sorted, but I am still here! And life just happens, and we get on with it as best we can.

Ancestors and gods at our backs, and the spirits of place all around us to inspire us with courage and beauty.  xoxo

6 thoughts on “Medical Issues and more…

  1. Will hold you in my thoughts and intentions as you go through the final diagnostic tests and prepare for surgery. PM me to let me know when you are scheduled and I will pray during the procedure. Be kind to and gentle with yourself. Am glad you have cleansed your garden and it is once more a haven for you and the wildlife you nurture there. xx

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