4 thoughts on “New vlog now up :)

  1. Hi Jo
    Thank you so much for this peaceful vlog… especially at this time of such uncertainty. There’s so much fear… fuelled I think by the media. There’s a joke doing the rounds up here in Redcar and Cleveland that the panic buying has got so bad that the supermarket has had to open an extra till.
    Thank you too for sharing your health concerns, I too am waiting for a specialist appointment…I send you my healing thoughts.
    As I’ve mentioned to you before in your blog, you will never know just how much I have benefited from your wisdom as I began my journey along the druid path.
    Every blessing to you and your husband as the balance of the equinox approaches.
    John D

    • Hi John! Thank you so much for your support! I hope that you get your appointement soon, and that you are hale and hearty. Blessings to you and your loved ones, and may your Druid journeys be filled with wonder 🙂 xoxo

  2. A lovely and gentle vlog in these days of hurry and fear. You are putting your waiting time to positive use and gaining all the strengths you will require for your surgery, even though it will be minimally invasive. Equinox blessings from Avalon. Ax

    • Let’s hope for keyhole surgery – I still don’t know what kind of surgery will be required, as my appointment this week to discuss it was cancelled 😦 Just trying to avoid a hysterectomy, if at all possible. Blessings from the Suffolk coast, the sun has come out and the east wind is playing with the daffodils 🙂

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