On the Road to Recovery…

I’m back home, after a successful surgery and am now on the mend. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated all the staff at the Raedwald Ward at Ipswich Hospital – they truly went above and beyond for each of their patients. The surgeon, the anaesthetist, the nurses and the orderlies – they really helped me get through a difficult life experience. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, because I had to do it alone during this pandemic. However, you didn’t feel alone, as everyone did their utmost to keep you calm, assured and more. When all you can see are people’s eyes (because of masks), you really start to notice the emotion that is held within each person’s eyes. The kindness and compassion – it really, really struck me how much each person truly cared about each and every patient. From the kind anaesthetist and the compassionate orderly who gently put his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently with encouragement as I was being injected into my spine, to the surgeon who really took the time to talk to me on the phone before and also in the hospital before and after – she was there with me the whole way. The nurses – so helpful, so kind and so caring, and who took the time to talk me through my fears and anxieties when it all became overwhelming, sharing their own experiences and just sitting down with me. It all just blew me away. I never expected anything like this, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of them.

As well, a huge thanks to everyone who was holding space for me, in their thoughts and prayers. Even though I walked into the hospital alone, I had all my friends and family with me in spirit. I don’t think I would ever have recovered so quickly had it not been for all the healing energy that was being sent my way. I feel truly, truly blessed to have such people in my life. My heart is full each time I think of everyone who sent their healing my way, and though the recovery will last through the summer, it has been already been amazingly quick. It just goes to show what love and kindness can do in the world, and you all have my deepest gratitude. These words just barely scratch the surface of the emotion that I am feeling right now, and my love goes out to you all. xoxo

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7 thoughts on “On the Road to Recovery…

  1. Hi there Jo…. that’s such good news. Take your time to let your body, mind and spirit recover. Surgery is such a traumatic thing to be subjected to…I know from personal experience! Blessings to you and yours… stay safe.

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