Druidry and the Ten Bulls

The Ten Bulls is an illustrated poem used by followers of Zen Buddhism to explain the search for enlightenment.  For me, it also represents the search for meaning in my own Druidry and indeed, in my own life in general.  It can be applied to everything, but for the purposes of this blog I’ll stick to Druidry. To see the Ten Bulls, otherwise known as the Ox-herding pictures, you can follow this link:- http://www.sanbo-zen.org/cow_e.html.

The search for enlightenment, the search for the Self and meaning is a major part of any religion or spirituality.  What will explain that sense of something missing, that lacking? What will fill it, or guide us to fill it in? What will help us to realise our full potential and live according to our True Self?

For me, this has been blending Zen with Druidry, and in the Ten Bulls can be encapsulated quite neatly.  They are, as follows:-

 1.In Search of the Bull


When we first come to Druidry, we do not really know what it means, for there are no long-established formal schools or training that we know of.  We can look to history, and then find out about courses now offered in Druidry through various organisations, but is this Druidry? It is certainly a version of it – Druidry is what it is, to each and every person. Moreover, to each and every person, it is different, yet still falls under a single banner. Confusing? Hell yeah. In a way, I think it’s meant to be. It encourages us to get out there, and find out more – beginning the adventure.


2.Discovery of the Footprints


We have begun our adventure, and are searching now for what Druidry is.  We catch glimpses of it in the works and writings of others, yet we still have not experienced Druidry for ourselves.  Like the wind, we can’t see it, we can only see its effect on other things.  We continue and go deeper into our Druidry to find out what it really is.





3.Perceiving the Bull


We’ve caught a glimpse!  We’ve had an insight into what Druidry is – we know that we’re now on the right path in our journey of self-discovery. Yet it is still not entirely clear – the experience is not yet full.  We run after the bull in the hopes of understanding.





4.Catching the Bull


We’ve found our Druidry!  After many twists and turns, we’ve come across a path, or developed our own, that seems to flow with the essential spirit that we call the Self.  We may find several bulls, even, until we find the right bull, but eventually we come across a method, training, or experience that reflects our inner core. We harness that energy, but what do we do with it now?






 5.Taming the Bull


We learn that knowing what Druidry is, is simply not enough. We must practice with it, again and again, experience it and not simply read about it.  We hold rituals, we meditate, we get our fingernails dirty.  We do the work necessary, and learn discipline.






6.Riding the Bull Home


This is Druidry! This is what it means, and it is a joyous expression of our inner souls.  We have a sense of “coming home” – we know how to celebrate the seasons and each other, and we may find the beginnings of an inner peace hitherto unknown.






 7.The Bull Transcended


We then realise that Druidry is not something external, nor even internal – that it is something to be lived.  There is no separateness, no duality to Druidry – it is not a way of life, but it is life itself.  There is a stillness to it.






8.Both Bull and Self Transcended


We are no longer separate from the world and from Druidry either.  Druidry is us, it was always us.  We experience each and every moment with the same reverence we would to ritual – everything becomes sacred.






 9.Reaching the Source


We have reached the source of life itself, and find that meaning or no meaning have no place – only life itself. There is no Druidry. There is no Self. There is no separateness.  All is unified under the banner of Life, changing moment by moment, unconcerned with meaning or no meaning.






10.Return to Society

10We return to integrate what we have learned from our experiences, to share them and to help others who may be seeking.  We do what we need to do for ourselves, our family, the environment without any selfish thoughts – we simply do.  With the knowledge that we have gained that so expresses ourselves, and which is known as Druidry, we live as best we can, in the world, present, awake and aware.



6 thoughts on “Druidry and the Ten Bulls

    • I’m so sorry that you are so angry – I really don’t understand the need to put down people, especially people you’ve never met. I suppose it is easier than doing it face to face, but even so, it’s really, really sad. I will not allow any more swearing on this journal. Remember that blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours burn any brighter. I hope you can somehow find true happiness in your life.

  1. Patronizing someone is not “spiritually” fulfilling either.
    My point was : you seem to just be working through your own blockages and assuming your puerile ramblings are of interest.
    I have no anger and have true happiness in my life, but what I could do with is you not posting these blogs on every facebook group we are both in …..
    Keep it to your self or go see a psychiatrist about your issues ….

    • Internet bullying is the same as any other bullying. No one is forcing you to read the posts. Yet if you are so intent, may I suggest my post, Kiekegaard and the Bullies lol? I’m sorry, Satan, but I’m no longer accepting comments from someone who enjoys “trolling”. Good luck with whatever you do.

  2. This is an amazing and totally recognisable map of my journey into Druidry and living its path. Wise words. A true fusion of Eastern and Western thought, teaching, wisdom, being and action.

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