Living the Dream…

Life can have so many problems. Life isn’t just life for most people. Sometimes it’s like trying to fart against a thunderstorm. Other days it’s all unicorns and rainbows. But looking deeper, into the reasons why we hurt, why we suffer, we begin to see patterns emerging that can help us to stop living the dream. Stop living the dream? Why would we want to do that? Isn’t “living the dream” the whole goal of life?

Our problems can seem huge to us at times. Yet these problems are only the front line – there is usually a deeper problem underneath that hides in the layers of these other problems. The trick is to spot the tricky little devils. Sitting with the problems helps – literally sitting yourself down, maybe having a chat with yourself and then some good old mindful meditation can do the trick. The more we do this, the easier it gets to spot the real problem.

Today, I felt bad – I felt used. I thought that was my problem. After sitting myself down, I realised that wasn’t the real problem – the real problem was insecurity. Peeling away the layers revealed this deep-rooted problem – and then I realised that it wasn’t really a problem either. I was feeling insecure. A feeling is a thought with an emotion attached to it, which often manifests itself physically in the body. I was in a state of contraction – I needed to release the contraction somehow, and the best way to do that is to understand it. Once understood, it was an “oh, of course” moment. The bad feelings left. In fact, it wasn’t even bad – it was just life.

Our problems, our depression, our anger occurs when life doesn’t happen the way we would like it to. When we understand this, we see our folly – life happens. The winds blow without first consulting us, people die without saying goodbye, friends come and friends go – there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can do is alter our reactions to it all.

So, instead of living the dream, why not try living the reality? That is where the real gem lies.

4 thoughts on “Living the Dream…

  1. Well said! Resignation to and acceptance of a situation also helps to alleviate life’s ‘problems’ as well. Nothing is really as bad as it seems. When I meditate, I try to achieve a sense of ‘no mind’, which also brings a sense of calm.
    The thoughts that you share are refreshing and enlightening. Thank you.

    • Yes – taking it further – just who is this person who feels this way? Another construct of the mind? Having the no mind attitude, simply being awake and aware in the moment of everything going on around you, doesn’t allow any room for these kind of self-centred thoughts, and allows for pure experience, which brings about the calm. Thank you for your kind words!

      • The person is perhaps the small self, that is crying out for recognition. Like a child that is jumping about, waving its arms and screaming for attention! Its happy or sad. Its hurt or wants to hurt others back. It wants to be noticed.
        But life, as real as it my appear to us, is really nothing. In the grand scheme of things, if there is a grand scheme, we are all insignificant and don’t really matter at all. I think that when we realise this, it helps to put things into their true perspective.
        I only experience ‘the calm’, when I get out of the way. When I let go of thoughts of anger, joy and self awareness. Then the calm comes and it is beyond comprehension. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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