Face the Abyss…

As per my latest blog post, I’ve been inspired to go media free one day a week, when I am home and have access to the internet, television and radio – it’s easy to go media free when on holiday, for instance, but not when we’re home alone, and have to be alone with ourselves. No phone calls, no internet, no television, no radio. One day a week, to get back in touch with myself. To remember a time before all this media and social media became so important. A time to remember what really matters.  A time to read, to meditate, to go for walks, to sing, to dance, to play an instrument, to create.

Look into the abyss, and the abyss looks back at you…

6 thoughts on “Face the Abyss…

  1. This is why I go camping: to get away from all of these things. My cell phone generally doesn’t work while camping (so I shut it off), and taking my laptop along would just not be smart.


    • Yes – I adore camping. But it’s easy to give it all up when you’re camping. It’s when you’re home alone that it’s more difficult. I have to say, that after this little experiment, I’m actually looking forward to getting off the computer to do things, to read, to meditate, to clean! Now if only the weather would warm up a little here, I could sleep outside in my tepee 🙂

    • Most of yesterday – I had to go online to cancel my bellydance classes, as I’ve come down with a cold :(. The day will have to change, as my work schedule needs to be flexible, so I can’t really say which days, sadly! x

      • Good stuff! I got so much more done, even though I was ill – I could have just sat all day in front of the television, but instead I de-cluttered my home and wardrobe (even more) and now I have a lovely house to be ill in 🙂 Got in more writing, more reading and more meditation – it was a great day! May have to up it to at least two days a week….

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