4 thoughts on “Out for a walk today…

  1. Joannavdh,
    Simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. These images moved me. You have a wonderful eye!

    I have purposely stopped myself from pining for England. My ancestral roots run deep in that land. Yet, I have to be wakeful to where I am at, to the land and spirits that I share this space with. It is a challenge though. England beckons like a morning dream that we wake from and yet every part of our being wishes to hold onto it. I felt torn for years. And I have resolved to become whole. Seeing these photos I realize I have more work to do but I also see I have made progress.

    Maine has such incredible beauty. It is a harsher landscape, thicker, more demanding, but it is home. And the spirits sing loudly here and dance with wild abandon.

    Blessings from across the pond,
    Snowhawke /|\

    • Hello Snohawke!

      I have the same feelings, but reversed for my ancestral home in Quebec, Canada! We must indeed learn to see the beauty all around us, wherever we are in the world. Rumi once said “Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. I firmly believe that applies to the beauty and wonder of nature…

      Harvest blessings. x

    • 🙂 I used to live in North Van, and remember the incredible scenery there. Every place has its beauty! I remember at the time preferring my older, rounded hills of the Eastern Woodlands to those incredibly high, young and strong mountains that bit into the sky on the west coast lol! x

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