Blog name has changed!

So, as you can see, we have changed the name of this blog site to ” The Flowing Spirit”, what is often referred to in Druidry as “awen”.  We hope that you like the change, and that it helps to reflect the content of the blog better!

When we have a new URL we will let you know – we hope to transfer everything over smoothly.

Awen blessings,Jo.x

5 thoughts on “Blog name has changed!

  1. Tricky with blogs, in that you have to name them before you really know what they are… nice choice though, much as I love cephalopods, and their dancing, this if a much stronger name for you.

  2. I like the name change….already have it updated in my blog roll over on my page. Please let everyone know when you change the URL as well, so I can keep that updated too. –Tommy /|\

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