Book launch party!

We had a great time at the book launch party for my second book, Dancing With Nemetona: A Druid’s Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space.  I am so blessed with loving family and friends – they have taught, shared and reinforced everything that I have learned over the years about sanctuary and feeling free to be your true self.  May we all be so blessed!

P.S. Well done Conchita this weekend!

book launch photo

2 thoughts on “Book launch party!

  1. Congratulations! And to have shared the experience with friends and family. You are blessed, and you know it, which makes all the difference.

    I have gone back and read your two previous posts on Dancing with Nemetona. I too have her with me, though not for as long as you. I relate to much of what you said, especially the excerpt from the book and the inner sanctuary, inner hut. I have such a place and it is a safe haven and refuge. I look forward to getting the book and learning more of your journey. I love the title, very evocative. I say with regards to Nemetona that I live in and through Nemetona’s grace.

    Again, congratulations and may your words inspire and assist others on their journeys.

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