Dancing With Nemetona now available!

My latest book, Dancing with Nemetona: A Druid’s Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space, is now out – two weeks early!  Only 8 copies left on Amazon – grab yours now!

Pick up your copy HERE

dwn small


4 thoughts on “Dancing With Nemetona now available!

  1. I just read the bits of Look inside from your Amazon link. I really liked what you said and as soon as I can sit my friend down who will order it for me with her credit card, which I repay by cheque, I’m going for it, hopefully before this batch is gone.

    “Dancing with Nemetona” pleased her. She’s being remembered and shared with lots more folk now, and she has important lessons to teach. She was with me strongly on my walk this morning, showering me with her wisdom and grace,not that I found her wisdom easy but her grace is balm.

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