2 thoughts on “The War on Climate Change Scientists – David Suzuki

  1. Two sides to every argument. The unfortunate part about this argument is that is we don’t get it right, then the gamble is we lose our home, our environment, our children’s future.

    Sure, it’s a gamble, but is it worth taking?

    Why can’t governments and those with authority and power listen to those with knowledge? Probably something to do with greed and wealth. Greed will blind them from seeing anymore than their own selfish ambitions.

    Not that there’s anything to laugh about in this matter, but here’s a cartoon which ties in with the theme of this post, and also signifies the attitude of those in control. . . . .



    • Indeed – as Suzuki states in the interview, the power of money has overridden all sense in this situation. But the corporations that have the power cannot be charged with willful blindness like a member of the public can, who sees wrongdoing but does not intervene in any way to help…

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