Letting Go

Taking inspiration from nature, many Pagans see this season as a time of letting go. Even as leaves fall from the tree, we let go of things in our lives that no longer nourish us. In the letting go, we allow new manifestations to feed our creativity and inspire us in our journey, even as the fallen leaves feed the soil around the tree.

There are many different kinds of things we let go – ideas, relationships, emotions, material possessions. They key here is that if they are no longer nourishing, then we can softly let them go into the lengthening nights, thinking deeply about our lives and carrying within us new seeds for the coming year. They might be the vegetable garden that didn’t work, the friendship that no longer feels right, grief or anger that we have experienced or even just clutter in our houses.

We can also learn from the letting go – we can try and plant a vegetable garden in a different spot, grow different vegetables. We can focus on the relationships that we have that make our souls sing, and open ourselves to new possibilities. We remember those who have passed away, or who are struggling in the shared human journey. We learn to cherish and make space in our homes and in our lives for things that bring us joy.

The tree does not mourn the falling leaf, nor does the leaf mourn the tree. In the letting go, we simply allow for new manifestations to occur.

Blessings of Samhain.

13 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. This so very relevant to me this year. I will share more in a private communication, but what you say here is a confirmation of what has been building for some time in my life. And It is a blessing and grace that our Druid/Pagan calendar offers a time to take stock, release, renew, rejoice. x

  2. This is so beautiful…

    One of my favorite blog entries that you have done. I am writing a book myself and I would love to be able to use your quote, “The tree does not mourn the falling leaf, nor does the leaf mourn the tree. In the letting go, we simply allow for new manifestations to occur.“ It embodies much that I am trying to work for and share. Not sure when/if it will actually be published but I would love to have it available if it ever happens. Would that be ok?

    A Forever Fan,


  3. Do we really let go of things, though? The things we typically think that we have let go of, even when we consider these things to be ‘completely’ out of our lives, leave an imprint in our memories, our lives, and souls. The object itself may not be there, but it’s effects will linger, even if in only a butterfly effect sort of way. As you say, the tree does not mourn the fallen leaf, nor the fallen leaf the tree: but the energy that leaf gathered for the tree will remain a part of the tree; and, as the fallen leaf further feeds and nourishes the tree, it remains that the ‘letting go’ of the fallen leaf is an illusion, one I would be surprised to discover the trees are subject to.

    What’s also interesting about the symbolism of the fallen leaf is that the turning of the leaves in Autumn removes the chlorophyll from the leaves and reveals their true colors. Essentially, the illusion is removed: a symbolism that finds itself repeated in the ‘thinning’ of the veil between worlds during Samhuinn. When letting go, then, is an illusion within itself, the question would seem to be whether or not we seek to let go of the illusion 😉

    • Beautiful!

      I would say that we let go of the current manifestation of the energy, in whatever form it takes, for I also believe that energy cannot go anywhere else – like my thoughts on reincarnation and the Otherworld in a previous blog post. Thanks for sharing, what a great comment! x

  4. A timely article! Time to de-clutter and shake off the dross! A little like a tree shaking off the jaded leaves of summer past and reaching deeper with it’s roots, seeking nourishment to see it through the long dark days ahead.

  5. This is perfect! I love how you note that there is no mourning in this letting go, that it is simply a release to make way for new growth, that it is just the way of things, and that we can reap benefits by observing and harmonizing with this way of nature, by putting ourselves in its flow. ❤

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