I feel the anger within me. Sometimes he is purposefully trying to upset me and others around him, other times he doesn’t know that he is doing it – it is simply habitual energy. I feel the anger as a tightness in my chest with his sarcasm, his passive aggressive behaviour. Little flames shoot out, provoking a fire within. It takes much mindfulness not to feed the fire, not to fan the flames of anger within. Acting out in anger will not solve anything. I will find another way to relate to him when he is sunk deep in his suffering, acting it out on everyone around him.

* * * * *

A friend was involved in a car accident which totalled his car. In his recounting of the tale, there was no anger at the young woman who hit him from behind, only remorse at the four pairs of shoes that had been ruined. I smiled and know that I will hold his lesson close to my heart.

* * * * *

Today there is news of the massacre in Pakistan, where around 150 children were murdered by the Taliban in a school shooting. My first response was not anger, but such a deep and silent sadness at the conditions that brought about people who bring about such suffering on the world. I could be one of the children, I could be one of the attackers, had the conditions been right to bring about a manifestation of the person I am in that situation. My heart goes out to everyone in Pakistan, the families who suffer the loss of their children, and to the attackers whose suffering lashes out at innocent children.

* * * * *

Sitting silently in the darkness before dawn, a lone candle and some incense burning, I pay attention to my breath, and the darkness around me slowly lifts as the sun rises unseen behind a canopy of grey sleety skies. May there be peace in the North. May there be peace in the East. May there be peace in the South. May there be peace in the West. May there be peace in our hearts and minds and towards all fellow beings.

8 thoughts on “Peace

  1. I am so with you on this – the red flame of anger can flare up so quickly – but I feel I must make friends with my anger – accept it and so manage it very differently. x

  2. Much easier to control circumstances within our own control. But the indignation at the murder of innocents and the forgiveness of those who committed such a foul act goes beyond most of us, I would have thought! As always, you are an inspiration!

    • Thank you for your support, RP – I find that daily meditation and practice are most helpful. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book on anger, entitled: Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames which is a brilliantly written little tome full of inspiration. x

  3. Centered and calm. Being peaceful and reflective and at peace with ourselves – comfortable in our skins and within our souls is the only way to avoid responding in anger to others’ actions, whether directed to us or at those whose names we do not know. There is no peace without self-knowledge and other-awareness.

  4. Dear Joanna,
    There is nothing more to say, only sadness! We are so lucky not to be in the position to be murdered or to become murderers.

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