Reblog: Beltane and the Sensual

Here is a reblog link to my latest post at SageWoman on DruidHeart …

bjorkSensuality – what a lovely word. It rolls off the tongue – you have to say it slowly, it really doesn’t work otherwise. Like dripping honey. Sweet molasses. A cat’s stretch. It needs time, awareness, mindfulness.

Sensuality is often misinterpreted as relating solely to the sexual experience. What we need to do is bring the sensual back into our everyday lives, seeing how it relates to the whole experience rather than just a sexual one. Sensual – input from the senses. There are so many other senses that are pretty much asleep for most of our day. Sometimes there are very good reasons – we couldn’t really function if all our senses were firing on full all at the same time. But reawakening them, especially at this time of year, and working with them intentionally can help us to rediscover our world through our bodies, rather than just living in our heads.

All too often we experience life only through our minds, leaving our bodies out. Mind and body are intertwined, and both need input, both need nourishment in order to function properly. When we get too caught up in thinking, our bodies are often neglected. When we are too wrapped up in the physical, our intellect or even spiritual attributes can suffer. Finding a holistic balance is key.

I know far too many people living in their heads. They suffer greatly, because they cannot escape their own mindtraps.  To alleviate that suffering, we need to reawaken the sensual.

So what is the sensual? Essentially, it is working with the senses…

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2 thoughts on “Reblog: Beltane and the Sensual

  1. You have given a timely reminder and guide here to our senses. Spring is a time when all the senses are, or can be, wide awake or waking up after the often dulling effects of winter. This is the time of year rich in things to see, touch, hear, taste, smell and perceive deeply.

    I always treasure the lilac moment – the first time I can bury my nose in the blossoms of these favourites of mine partaking of the heady perfume. But there is the more delicate aroma of the apple. The purple smell of purple iris. The scent of bluebells in the wood. The feel of young leaves is so different from those of the more mature shading leaves of summer. The taste of new hawthorn leaf on a long walk and the sounds of all the birds and barely audible sound of new leaves in a breeze. And the ‘listening’for what is only perceived deep in the soul the call of danger or the song of delight – it is not always heard but often perceived by all the senses at once.

    We forget we are sensual beings, that we live with and by our senses, at our peril. I’m now on my way out the door to walk in a nearby orchard after a night of rain . . . senses alert, celebrating the many levels of being alive.

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