Praying today for the civilians of Raqqa, who live under terrorist rule and are now being bombed by France, sanctioned by the rest of the West’s powers. Praying for all those across the globe, from Beirut to the United States, who suffer from humanity’s dualistic “Us” and “Them” mentality. Praying for the world today.

Druids were documented as having been able to walk between the lines of warring people.¬†Diodorus Siculus wrote “Often when the combatants are ranged face to face, and swords are drawn and spears are bristling, these men come between the armies and stay the battle, just as wild beasts are sometimes held spellbound. Thus even among the most savage barbarians anger yields to wisdom, and Mars is shamed before the Muses.”

Maintaining our peace, we are better able to work in the world to create peace. May we be peace.

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. These are hard memories to hold, uphold and renew, what the Druids of old, our Druid ancestors did to stand between combatants. I think we must find a way to do this in ways that are not necessarily physical. Intention can shift energy. The energy to calm and to stay can find chinks, the interstical spaces in even the most apparently solid ideologies. But it will take concerted effort. It will take dedication. But, what choice is there really?

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