Upcoming dates…

Druid College has its second session on the weekend of 23-24th January, taking Year 1 students through the realm of the sea. For more information on Druid College, please see the website at uk.druidcollege.org. Please note that we have changed the registration for new Year 1 students, so that registration opens at Imbolc 2017 instead of 2016. This allows the tutors to take the students through Years 1 and 2 without interruption, devoting their time and energy fully to the current students before taking on any new students. Registration opens when current students reach Year 3,  which contains more independent study.

Come along to the Woodbridge Mind Body Spirit festival on 2-3 April – we’ll be performing with our dance company, Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance.

I’ll be at the Wild Warrior Beltane Picnic again this year on 22 May, signing books and also performing with Gypsy Dreams. Come along and say hi!

Druid Camp this year runs from 3-7 August. I’ll be giving a talk over the weekend, date and time to be confirmed. Don’t miss this fabulous event, the best Druid gathering around!


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