Druid Ritual Tools Series: The Staff

Here’s my latest video for Down the Forest Path video blog, in the latest Druid Ritual Tools Series that I created. Please do consider supporting me on my Patreon page for additional online content, video blogs, and more!

4 thoughts on “Druid Ritual Tools Series: The Staff

  1. Just acquired my own staff….we spent our 38th wedding anniversary up in the Scottish Borders this past weekend and visited the Chain Bridge Honey Farm again after maybe 20 years. I still find myself humbled by the activities of the bees and our dependence on them. However, there were some locally crafted walking sticks for sale with the proceeds going to the local air ambulance. One was just the right height, made of stout hazel with a thumb notch and felt so comfortable in my hand. Not cheap but my wife said get it. I will dedicate it when we celebrate the equinox on Thursday and look forward having it alongside me. Thank you again for your teaching and encouragement.

  2. I’ve been following these video blogs with interest and, although I’ve never considered myself a user of tools for ritual purposes personally, I’m interested in learning how others use such items. I was particularly fascinated by this video as I do like staffs and have recently been thinking of making myself a practical wooden walking staff.

    As a child my father often used a walking stick and, particularly when he gave up his job and life in town to move to a farm become a farm worker and shepherd, he was rarely seen out without a walking stick or shepherd’s crook. Perhaps as a consequence, as a 12 year old, I began taking a walking stick on my own walks and I still take one out with me now, although I did go through a few decades (my 20s – 40s!) of not carrying one. It’s not a “ritual tool” in one sense but in another I suppose it is. I don’t need to use a stick to help me walk and when I walk into my local small town etc I don’t take it but when my intention is to walk in and connect with the countryside I take my walking stick as a companion. Picking it up before setting out is a sort of reminder to myself that I am about to undertake something slightly magical. I do have a metal trekking pole but it doesn’t have the same meaning to me as my simple wooden walking stick.

    In your commentary you mention the problems of carrying a full size staff around in public but no-one worries about walking sticks. It’s true they don’t have quite the theatrical impact of a full length staff and wouldn’t be as impressive for a ceremony for example but, if you’re looking for something that can be symbolic to you but not draw unwanted attention to yourself, try a walking stick.

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