20 thoughts on “Another Music Offering…

  1. This is a haunting tune. For me it has some of the feel of the New World Symphony, which always makes me nostalgic (from its proper Greek meaning – homesick) for a world that didn’t exist in my experience, except, as I think of it in the inner worlds.

  2. Very melancholic! Almost like a lament to the glens. Evocative, yet sad. I personally find autumn a time of melancholy…a time of letting go, of nature dying back and preparing for the harshness of the coming winter.

  3. I love the images. Such a beautiful place. Just a glance out of the window stirs up a desire for me to be out in the woods or on the moors, so these images give me a powerful yearning to feel the wind on my skin, hear the sound of the stream, feel the earth and see the colours of the beautiful land we walk on. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful music – could listen to it all day long! Is there anyway I can get the music, as I also play the recorder?

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