Re-publishing fantasy fiction

It’s been 10 years since I released the very first book that I ever wrote, a medieval fantasy entitled Falconwing.  I am now re-releasing this novel, under the new title Honour-bound, and it should be available soon!

I began writing this book when I was a teenager. It’s gone through many, many incarnations over the years. It was finally published during my third year of university, and after it had gone out of print a few years ago, I decided that it was time to bring it out again, and possibly write the sequel. I very much enjoy writing fantasy fiction, and have several ideas toying about in my mind: the sequel to Honour-bound, another piece based on the Iron Kingdoms LRP game that friends and I have been playing for a few months now, and more. I’ve pulled out some of my old writings, and it has kindled a spark of awen that will hopefully be fanned into a full fire in the head!

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9 thoughts on “Re-publishing fantasy fiction

  1. Good morning to you on this beautiful Spring morning in Cornwall! I just felt that I had to post a comment to you. After looking at your website, I feel that you are such a wonderful, well balanced individual, you seem to represent something so natural in this ever changing synthetic world. You seem so in tune with everything and have made me think about the more important things in life. Seasons blessings to you and you’re loved ones.

    • Hi hun! I’m doing this one on my own, through Amazon. It’s a little daunting, but also having 100% control is nice 🙂 I now also have the skills for setting up copy to print, as well as more cover design 🙂 It’s been a learning curve, but a good one! Hard copy proof is now in the post to me, everything crossed it looks okay! E-version looks good… x

      • Look forward to reading it in hard copy. The control of all aspects is one of the joys and one of the dangers, but the big houses are so up their bottoms looking for the next big, best blockbuster that those with something worthwhile to say get left out. Good on you for doing it your way. xx

      • It was time to take back a little control. Royalties, when working with a publisher, can be quite alarming in how little you are paid, especially if they sell to companies other than Amazon. Essentially, what an author is paid is 10% royalty, but this is not 10% of the RRP. Amazon takes 50%, the publisher takes anywhere from up to 30%, the resellers sell your book at a %50 discount, and then you get 10% of whatever is left. Sometimes it is literally pennies. Shameful, after all that hard work 😦

      • Yes it is shameful. It seems a way to make sure nothing really creative or unique gets out there to lots of folks. All the best on your endeavours to stand aside from the big guys as much as you can. xx

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