Learning Druidry

abbeyThis course is undergoing some work, and will co-incide with the release of my third book, The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid (available late 2014).  This is will a paid-for online course that goes deeper into subjects from The Awen Alone, as well as new material.

Online course available from late 2014.

2 thoughts on “Learning Druidry

  1. I would be stuck on meditation because after years of trying on and off, I can’t find that “stillness” of which you speak. I think it’s important for people to know their preferences and limitations so they can adapt this path to best suit them, instead of following along blindly.


    • Indeed – you’ve got to find your own path. With regards to the stillness issue, I would say that you’ve got to stick with it for at least three months, to really give it time to do its magic… it’s hard work, but well worth it in the end…

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