20 Things You May Not Know About the “Zen Druidry Lady”

Some things you may not know about the “Zen Druidry Lady” 🙂


  • I spent my spare time in my youth figure skating at the ice rink at the end of my street all winter long
  • When I wasn’t figure skating, I was cross-country skiing or downhill skiing
  • I know all the lyrics to pretty much every Taylor Swift song
  • I know the entire script of Jim Henson’s movie, Labyrinth, by heart
  • I played the head of a pirate nation in a Live Action Role-Playing system
  • I was also an elf in another LARP system
  • I began writing my first book when I was fourteen
  • I only have an automatic, not manual driver’s license (but I can drive/operate a tractor with bucket)
  • I used to ride a Yamaha Xmax before I got my driver’s license
  • I was a volunteer and member of the Valley Farm Mounted Troop, part of the Suffolk Division of the Legion of the Horse for the Volunteer Corps of Frontiersmen
  • I also competed in Western horse-riding competitions
  • I rode down the aisle, side-saddle, next to my husband (who was on his own horse) at our wedding
  • I sing silly, improvised songs to my cats. A lot.
  • My cats LOVE my songs.
  • I play golf (at eco-friendly sites)
  • I never measure the quantities of anything when I bake – I always wing it
  • I am a very good swimmer
  • I do a very good screaming chimpanzee impersonation
  • I work for one of the largest classical music festivals in the world
  • I can play the guitar, strumstick, drums, flute, recorder, harmonica, and piano (none of them particularly well)


Dancing With Nemetona now available!

My latest book, Dancing with Nemetona: A Druid’s Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space, is now out – two weeks early!  Only 8 copies left on Amazon – grab yours now!

Pick up your copy HERE

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The Little Pagan Monastery Retreat

We’ve got our weekend retreat coming up! 11 – 13 April, Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, UK

Experience a weekend filled with devotion to the gods, the land and the ancestors – with prayer, meditation, discussion and ritual, as well as visiting sacred sites such as Glastonbury Tor and the White Spring on this unique retreat, The Little Pagan Monastery.  Stay at Chalice Well & gardens, at Little St Michaels where you will have 24 hour access to one of Albion’s most sacred places during your stay.  Incorporate daily prayer and ritual into your life, make new friends and enjoy some time spent away in an inspirational setting with like-minded people.

To book, please visit: The Little Pagan Monastery

Little Pagan Monastery Itinerary

5pm onwards – arrivals
6pm – Welcome talk
6.30pm – Supper
8pm – Evening prayer and group meditation
9pm – Free time

7.30am – Morning personal meditation
8am – Morning Prayers and group meditation
9am – Breakfast
10.30 am – Discussion
12 noon – Midday prayers and group meditation
1pm – Lunch
2.30pm – Glastonbury Tor walk and meditation
5pm – Free time/gardening work
6pm – Supper
7.30pm – Discussion
9pm – Evening prayers

7.30am – Morning personal meditation
8am – Morning Prayers and group meditation, followed by ritual
9am – Breakfast
10.30 am – White Spring visit
12 noon – Midday prayers and group meditation
1pm – Lunch
2.30pm – Farewell

Name Change Successful!

We have successfully changed the blog name and URL, and it would appear from the statistics that everyone came along with us for the ride – woo hoo! We’re pleased as punch over here.

If you have linked to this blog from your own, either in a blog post link or in the blogroll, the site redirection will take people to this new site.  However, if you would like to update the name and URL manually in your blogroll, please do – we would like to reflect the new name here and get the word out as smoothly and swiftly as we can.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our followers and subscribers who have been along with us for this wonderful journey – long may it continue!