20 Things You May Not Know About the “Zen Druidry Lady”

Some things you may not know about the “Zen Druidry Lady” 🙂


  • I spent my spare time in my youth figure skating at the ice rink at the end of my street all winter long
  • When I wasn’t figure skating, I was cross-country skiing or downhill skiing
  • I know all the lyrics to pretty much every Taylor Swift song
  • I know the entire script of Jim Henson’s movie, Labyrinth, by heart
  • I played the head of a pirate nation in a Live Action Role-Playing system
  • I was also an elf in another LARP system
  • I began writing my first book when I was fourteen
  • I only have an automatic, not manual driver’s license (but I can drive/operate a tractor with bucket)
  • I used to ride a Yamaha Xmax before I got my driver’s license
  • I was a volunteer and member of the Valley Farm Mounted Troop, part of the Suffolk Division of the Legion of the Horse for the Volunteer Corps of Frontiersmen
  • I also competed in Western horse-riding competitions
  • I rode down the aisle, side-saddle, next to my husband (who was on his own horse) at our wedding
  • I sing silly, improvised songs to my cats. A lot.
  • My cats LOVE my songs.
  • I play golf (at eco-friendly sites)
  • I never measure the quantities of anything when I bake – I always wing it
  • I am a very good swimmer
  • I do a very good screaming chimpanzee impersonation
  • I work for one of the largest classical music festivals in the world
  • I can play the guitar, strumstick, drums, flute, recorder, harmonica, and piano (none of them particularly well)


4 thoughts on “20 Things You May Not Know About the “Zen Druidry Lady”

  1. I wish my cat loved my musical attempts. He does like me (honestly) but every time I pick up my guitar or mandolin he asks to go out –even before I start playing!

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