The Sacred Landscape

Most, if not all Druids, see the land is utterly sacred. Even if there is no belief in deity, the sanctity of nature is still understood in a way that inspires reverence and respect. Each Druid has his or her own landscape that they live in, whether it is wild heathland and moor, or on the edge of a forest, in the heart of suburbia or in the downtown area of a major metropolis. What each Druid can do is find the sacredness of that landscape, and relate it to their own life, their path and their journey. In effect, this is creating a sacred landscape that is also a soul-map, onto which we can identify areas where we can go to help solve a problem, to be inspired, to celebrate the seasonal festivals, to make love under the stars.

Simply getting out there and discovering this landscape is wondrous enough. You may have to do a little research in your area to find wonders such as water flows that may be hidden underground, beneath city streets or where they surface in beautiful springs out in the countryside. See if there are any tumuli in the area. Look into ley lines, or street names. You may look into the history and geology of a place, to become even more acquainted with it. Once the knowledge is gained, the experience brings an intimacy that can provide a constant flow of awen into our lives.

Find these sacred spots in your landscape. You may identify them with the chakras of the human body, or Celtic myth. See yourself reflected in the landscape in which you live. Then allow the beauty and inspiration to fill your soul, and give back to this land accordingly.

It is what makes the Druid path so utterly gorgeous and inspiring.


8 thoughts on “The Sacred Landscape

  1. I find Ordnance Survey maps a great resource for this: tumuli, ancient trackways, castles and so much more are depicted. They really inspire me to get out and explore, using the ways less travelled. By comparison, motoring maps make the landscape seem like a wasteland that has to be quickly passed through to arrive at some destination.

    • I LOVE OS maps! I read somewhere that they’re not updated though, and haven’t been for about 15 – 20 years due to the amount of stuff they kept finding each year – I don’t know if it’s true, but I just take a pencil and mark mine up when i find stuff 🙂

  2. I agree completely with what you say here. The landscape is sacred and can be reflected or enhance one’s soulscape and bodyscape if one allows it. The challenge is to let go. To be open, To allow the now, the then and the yet to merge into one magical moment fully emptying to and being completely filled by the special places that hold the holy and engender holiness for you.

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